Monday, September 19, 2011

Dining Out..Athens Style Take 2

Our second night in the city that brought us R.E.M. we dined at Nona New Orleans 'N Athens
I would love to say that I took lots of pictures of our dinner but the ones I did take came out blurry.  But I did take a picture of this...
The menu

and this...
our wine
The wait staff were friendly and knew the menu enough to recommend some interesting dishes, not a big fan of crab or blacked fish I decided to go my own way.  Andrew ordered the Blackened Mahi Mahi, excellent choice, served with red beans and rice and cream spinach, and the fish was topped with Crawfish Etouffée that was to die for, rich but awesome.  I ordered the Creole Pork Jambalaya, the different meats in the dish were very tasty but the rice had a spice that over powered it and the red sauce tasted way too much like plain tomato paste.  There were several other things on the menu that if we were to go back I would try but this would not be one of them.  I will say the collards that were served on the side were delish with a hint of what seemed like sugar but our waiter wasn't sure, so I'm gonna say sugar and stick with that, I just wish the little bowl had a few more collard leaves and less stems. 

The setting was beautiful with lots of wood booths and cabinets, a large staircase that lead upstairs to what appeared to be more dining gave the room a rather old world feel.  Large hanging plants brought the tall ceiling down really making the dining room feel cozy and comfortable.  Over all I would give Nona's a 3 forks for the food, 3 1/2 for the experience.  

Until next time...
Forks Up..

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