Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Cheating ... But Not Really

We've all heard it ... Fresh is Best 
While I do agree sometimes there are factors that keep us from using fresh. Time, convenience, availability, you name it there are reasons that we can't always use fresh.

In the summer I grow basil, and I have a nice fresh sage plant in my herb bed but the one herb that I've tried to grow with little success is Cilantro ... and I love cilantro so I have found a solution to my problem ... 

These stir-in paste herbs from Gourmet Garden


Cilantro and Ginger are always in my fridge and in the winter I keep the basil on hand. I recently discovered their Hot Chili and I'll be trying this the next time I make Thai Swordfish. I've not tried the garlic so would love to hear if you have...

So tell me ... is it really cheating if it's still homemade?

Until Next Time
Forks Up


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