Monday, May 30, 2011


A short introduction in my world of food....It's really simple, I love food, I love good food, I love eating good food and I love making good food...what I don't like...bad food.  See very short and simple.  

I've been wanting to start this blog for some time, with my other blog being about me, the husband, the girls and the store, I wanted this one to be about only one thing, my passion for food.  There are some that have called me a food snob, not so, I will eat most foods, even fast, and when someone cooks for me I am very gracious and thank them from the bottom of my heart, after all I know what it's like to cook for people and not know if they're gonna like it or not.

So travel with me on this food adventure, some of the adventure will start in my kitchen, some will start out dining, and I promise to show the flops of mine and the flops of the professional...cause even though I'm not a food snob I do know what I like...and if I can remember to take pictures I will post those along with the for my first picture let me introduce the perfect Lemon Drop...

until next time....
forks up..

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  1. Could you post the receipe for the lemon drop... or any other fantastic palate pleasers.
    Patti P.